Google operators

Using Google operators, you can query the google index as if you were querying a database.

Key operators like the following:

  • allintitle: Find all occurrences of the entered text in the title of the page
  • allintext: Find all occurrences of the entered text in the text of the page
  • allinurl: Find all occurrences of the entered text in the URL of the page
  • allinanchor: Find all occurrences of the entered text in the links to the page
  • site: Find all occurrences of the entered text within the specified domain

You can build some pretty useful queries, such as: “This article has been viewed 500…1000 time” “Article Submitted On: January *, 2010
This search query would find all popular articles submitted to since Jan 2010. This is excellent information if you want to do some article marketing.

Google Ad Auction – The Basics

The subtle interplay of the needs of the three parties in a Google Ad Auction (the user, advertiser and Google) creates an interesting dynamic system. This slightly dry, but informative video does a good job of explaining how it all works. Useful to know.

PPC Coach

Wondering where to start with PPC (Pay Per Click) and Affiliate Marketing. There is so ton of stuff to learn and simply getting up to speed with the jargon is a challenge, let alone acquiring the skills to do it well.

If, like I did when I started, you’re finding it all a bit intimidating or maybe you’ve actually started but you’ve made some initial loses (again, I did!)  either way, any help you can get is appreciated.

I first heard about from a PPC friend, KG over at PPC Hammer.  He explained to me how useful he had found the site with it’s wealth of information,  excellent tutorial videos and access to some great tools. is not a one-to-one program as such, but you can get in touch with Coach (as everyone calls him) via email any time.

The forum is very active and covers a range of topics from newbies to PPC veterans. And questions posted to the forums will be answerwd by Coach, or the wider commnuity pretty quickly. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on that site who are willing to share their knowledge and tips with others looking for help.

The monthly fee of around $50.

Writing Strong Ad Copy

Writing good ad copy is a
tough but essential skill to acquire. Relevance is the key and the ad headline the focal point. I’ve read that five times as many people read the headline than read any of the descriptive copy underneath. Interesting, relevant headlines get clicked more often and at a lower cost per click, simple as that…

So what are the key factors in writing good headlines? Well first off, because Google will highlight searched keywords in your ad, simply using these targeted keywords in your ad headline and copy is an extremely simple way to make your ad stand out.

Another is to use words that emote, arouse interest or call to action and organize them in such a way as to:

  • Ask a question – “want to earn £2000 a day?”,
  • Tell a story – “here’s how I made £2000 a day”, or
  • Give instruction – “3 steps to earn £2000 a day”.

Clearly state the major benefit in your ad, such as “make more money, “lose weight”, or “sleep longer” for example. And make sure to use some power keywords, such as “Secret”, “Enhanced”,”Guaranteed”,”Breakthrough”, or ”Amazing”. Do remember to stay within the Google Guidelines however.

Some great reading on this at this GoogleLady post.

Affiliate Marketing – Pros and Cons

The bad stuff

  • Under no circumstances could it be considered easy-money. Affiliate marketing, like any online business, requires commitment, dedication and balls. Don’t be fooled by those posts of people holding large commission cheques. It can be tough.
  • You have to wade through a ton of crap, misinformation and lies before you get to the nuggets of information that make it all click into place. And doing the wrong thing will actually end up costing you money.
  • There are a few unscrupulous people out there who will rip you off.
  • The wide range of skills, tools and techniques required can seem very daunting.
  • You need to work hard to establish what works and what to stay clear of.

The good stuff

  • This is a business with no products, stock, customer support, refunds, delivery and fulfillment or payment processing headaches – the key burdens that many other business owners face every day.
  • It is a business that you can fit around your time and lifestyle and that will allows you to to be creative, dynamic and ideas driven
  • It can, if you commit to doing it properly, have some great returns.