Writing good ad copy is a
tough but essential skill to acquire. Relevance is the key and the ad headline the focal point. I’ve read that five times as many people read the headline than read any of the descriptive copy underneath. Interesting, relevant headlines get clicked more often and at a lower cost per click, simple as that…

So what are the key factors in writing good headlines? Well first off, because Google will highlight searched keywords in your ad, simply using these targeted keywords in your ad headline and copy is an extremely simple way to make your ad stand out.

Another is to use words that emote, arouse interest or call to action and organize them in such a way as to:

  • Ask a question – “want to earn £2000 a day?”,
  • Tell a story – “here’s how I made £2000 a day”, or
  • Give instruction – “3 steps to earn £2000 a day”.

Clearly state the major benefit in your ad, such as “make more money, “lose weight”, or “sleep longer” for example. And make sure to use some power keywords, such as “Secret”, “Enhanced”,”Guaranteed”,”Breakthrough”, or ”Amazing”. Do remember to stay within the Google Guidelines however.

Some great reading on this at this GoogleLady post.