Wondering where to start with PPC (Pay Per Click) and Affiliate Marketing. There is so ton of stuff to learn and simply getting up to speed with the jargon is a challenge, let alone acquiring the skills to do it well.

If, like I did when I started, you’re finding it all a bit intimidating or maybe you’ve actually started but you’ve made some initial loses (again, I did!)  either way, any help you can get is appreciated.

I first heard about ppc-coach.com from a PPC friend, KG over at PPC Hammer.  He explained to me how useful he had found the site with it’s wealth of information,  excellent tutorial videos and access to some great tools. PPC-Coach.com is not a one-to-one program as such, but you can get in touch with Coach (as everyone calls him) via email any time.

The forum is very active and covers a range of topics from newbies to PPC veterans. And questions posted to the forums will be answerwd by Coach, or the wider commnuity pretty quickly. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on that site who are willing to share their knowledge and tips with others looking for help.

The monthly fee of around $50.