CPC – Cost per click

CPC is the cost of one a single click on your advert. Advertiser will pay based on the number of clicks a specific advert gets x the CPC.

CPM – Cost per mille

CPM is your cost per thousand impressions and you will be charged an estimate for a thousand advert views.

CTR – Click through rate

CTR is Total Impressions / Total clicks. It helps show you how your ads are performing. The more relevant your adverts are, the more often users will click on them, resulting in a higher CTR.

Max CPC – Maximum Cost per click

This defines the maximum amount that you would be willing to pay for a click on your advert. Very broadly, the higher you are prepared to go, the higher your ad will appear. But it’s not the only one, see Quality Score (QS).

PPC – Pay Per Click

PPC is an advertising technique used on websites where an the advertiser is charged a small amount for every click on that ad.

Quality Score

Quality Score (QS) is a measure of the quality of your keywords and determining your minimum bid. The higher your Quality Score, the lower your minimum bid and price you will pay per click.

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